Monday, 7 March 2016

Hollywood Havoc Kickstarter is live!

Well, I am back all! I will do a proper update later in the week.

For now, all I want to say is Studio Miniatures' next kickstarter, Hollywood Havoc is live, and would you look at that- it even comes with it's own special little rulebook AND discounts on Skirmish Outbreak!
Oooooh yes!

And of course with Studio Miniatures- there are some amazingly characterful figures, plus zombie versions!

I for one am hoping that Jeanie gets unlocked.....

The kickstarter is HERE, so get on board!



  1. I'm backing it. I particularly love Angie, the Tomb Raider figure. A definite must have!

  2. I do like the look of many of these models, but the price is a bit high for a whim. It's not as if I really need any of these models. I'll keep telling myself that...