Thursday, 5 March 2015

Survivor week 14: Maya!

After Police Month we are back to our regularly scheduled program....

... Look, I never saw her, but I knew this guy who got his ass pulled out of the fire by her....

His story went that he was somewhere near the Little Creek Naval Base. He thought that military bases would be safe- hell we all did! Thinking about it now, it was a dumb thought. Military bases have aid stations. Soldiers get bit, get taken to the aid station. Doesn't matter how many guns you have up on the walls if the infection is inside.

By the time he got to Little Creek, the place was burning and the last ship had sailed.

No food makes you more than a little crazy, so he decides to go in. Finds a few zees, whacks them with this priceless signed by Babe Ruth bat that he had stolen from the Yankees Hall of Fame, guy wouldn't shut up about how badass he was stealing it- man I wanted to punch him just for that. Everyone knows hockey is a better sport. He probably picked the bat up off the ground as he ran away anyway.

So he is moving in to Little Creek, trying to find a building not on fire so he can start looting. Except whoever torched the place did a damn good job- there wasn't anything not burning.

Now this guy gets a bit bold, he heads into one of the big storage warehouses which looked to be only burning at one end. He said it was untouched, canned goods, guns and ammo, tanks and Humvees. I think he was full of it, but I guess it made the story better.

So he is loading up his winnings, when the Zees catch up with him. They crowd around the door, bashing at it trying to get in. So he has zombies on one side, burning storeroom on the other. He makes a choice- at least you can shoot a Zombie, you can't fight a big burning factory.

He prepares himself, loads up one of those rifles he just found and rushes out of the door yelling at the top of his lungs, finger pressed on the trigger of the M16. But no bullets came out of the gun. Nothing happened.

I didn't want to tell the guy, but the firing pins were probably taken out to make sure the crates were made safe, don't want some loony getting a M16A4 and going postal.

So the guy starts beating on the Zoms with the but of the weapon. He said it broke in half after a couple of Z skulls, but I know you can crack more than a few with one of these (he gently pats the worn, formerly desert camouflaged M4 assault rifle next to him).

Out of options, and left with just his priceless Babe Ruth bat to save him against this horde of zombies.

This is where his story hit the next level of unbelievable. He said that this hooded figure came up, two pistols in hand and started plowing through the zombie horde.

Bam, zombie gone.

Bam Bam, two zombies gone.

Then the hooded figure reloaded and continued firing.

All the Zombie gone, the hooded figure comes over to this guy and just says "give me what you got out of that warehouse"

Guy disagrees, and he gets pistol whipped for disagreeing.

He wakes up the next day, big cut on his head surrounded by a burnt out naval base and the bodies of a whole lotta zombies. Anything useful had already been taken by the hooded survivor.

It took another glass of moonshine for him to admit that the hooded figure was a she, guess he was embarrassed about getting his ass handed to him by a girl- although I think that was a close second once he realized that she had taken his pants and run them up the flagpole.

Guess she had a sense of humour too....

This week's figure comes from the Reaper range, and when I got her originally, she looked like this:

I really liked the pose, the two guns the big flowing hood and so I bought the figure. And then I looked at the figure once I got it home, and she was wearing.... well... not a lot. I have spoken before that I like my zombie survivors to be practical, so out came the greenstuff and off sculpting I went, ending up with this:

Pants, singlet and holsters for the pistols. Not the greatest sculpting you will ever see, but a multitude of sins are covered by painting!

In terms of the paint job, I had it stuck in my head that she would have this big red hooded cloak. Then to add some interest to the figure, I painted the pants in a version of the US Navy camo (I had been watching The Last Ship while doing the sculpting!). Of note is that she is my first survivor of colour- and let's be fair that is because of the Walking Dead's Michonne! There are more on the way too.

Anyway, that is it for this week, painting continues. I am almost finished doing some weathering on my police car, and work is ongoing into expanding the horde even further.... Oh and planning the next theme month!



  1. Great conversion and she looks soo bad ass :)

    1. Thanks bud- that is exactly what I was going for :)

  2. Your conversion really makes that model stand out in my opinion, and the muted colour scheme works well. I think if I ever got that model I would have to add more clothing as well, who would want to go into battle in just their underwear and a cloak?

    1. Thanks, I much prefer my version of her.

      And as for your question- wearing only underwear into battle is really only for those who are bulletproof!

  3. She looks like she could certainly kick ass, Chris. Nice conversion and paint job.

    1. Thanks- it has inspired me to do a bit more greenstuff work I think!

  4. I prefer your conversion to the original too; she's now a great survivor figure rather than another fantastical survivor figure imo.

    1. I agree- I like my survivors practically dressed :)

  5. Nice conversion dude! It seems the amount of skimpily dressed survivors, especially women, is a little ridiculous. Given that it only takes a bite to infect. More survivors need to be dressed in bite proof clothing, like Glen was in The Walking Dead or the dad in 28 Days Later.

    1. Yep- there are some really ridiculous female miniatures out there! Zombies might have taken over, but things like pneumonia haven't gone away, and neither has the need for pockets!

      Bite proof clothing is an interesting one- I do recall more than a few instances where body armour wasn't enough to stop a zom, how truly bite proof is anything?