Monday, 1 December 2014

Beginnings and welcomes

First off, welcome!

Like probably everyone, I have been aware of the Zombie genre for some time. I remember watching the Romero movies when I was growing up, and I remember them freak me out! It didn't help that I watched them when I was probably a bit too young- I can thank my older brother for that I suppose!

Over time I moved away from fantasy and sci-fi, ending up focusing very much on historicals, especially World War Two.

And like that I kept muddling along.

It wasn't until I found Max Brooks' World War Z that I remembered just how much I liked the concept of the Zombie. Which naturally meant I started reading a whole lot of Walking Dead comics, catching up on the Zed movies I had missed, such as 28 Days Later, and reacquainting myself with the mythos of the Zombie. And rereading World War Z again and again.

So why the blog then?

Well, I have decided to start gaming the Z apocalypse in 28mm. It has taken me a while to get out of Historicals, but I have decided to make the jump, and start my own Zombie apocalypse.

So, the plan is to paint a single survivor each week, and share them on here. That will be in addition to musings and other such thinking around all things Z, you never quite know where it will end up!

So as a way of a start, last night while watching the Walking Dead mid season finale, I assembled some Studio Miniatures Zeds...

Believe it or not, I didn't have to pause. It was actually just fortuitous timing!

And this is what they looked like in the light of day, fully assembled.

But more on them in the future once they are painted- they have now been undercoated.

As for this weeks survivor, she will be up later this week!


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  1. Great to see another convert to Zed gaming. Welcome aboard dude!
    Hope this goes from strength to strength.
    Any chance of adding a followers function?
    You must check out Vampifans World of the Undead blog! He's the zomb-father.